PAVITRAKA 2017 – Dr. Archana Tushar Gore

PAVITRAKA – Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol making workshop powered by “Chakan Doctor Association (CDA)”

” this is great activity of making shaadu/natural clay idol, Ravi has taught us how to make it in very good manner. with the use of grains and other creative elements idol looks amazing, thank you”, Dr. Archana Gore quoted. ☘️🌸🏵️


Avanti ❤️

One bright sunny day there is this girl walked into our workplace, and few days later I have been introduced by her to cute Lil Avanti 👶.

Avanti is full of INNOCENCE and CHARM, from that very day I started recalling about my own childhood. One day I was talking to my mom about my childhood over phone, who is far away from me at hometown. She replied as everyone’s mom will describe their kid’s childhood.

Then I asked Mom what about the memory she & I could possibly recall! And she said it’s hard to tell but there is, ” one day my sister was taking me home from school and there is this cow was behind us and I was crying alot.” Lol and we both started laughing.

Now daily I see Avanti through Karishma’s eyes it is amazing to watch her growing her in such love and caring grooming.

I feel like I’m watching my childhood in Avanti ❤️👶

Miniature Garden 🍀👌

Another @saffron_arts creation, this is Miniature Garden widely known as Dish Garden or Fairytale Garden. 



🍀Indoor Garden



🍀Health advisory

This kind of small garden we can keep inside of our home, plants will not grow fast as well as they don’t need much sunlight. Awesome gifting article. Think of a landscape you want to make and just do it or order it. Inbox me if you would like to know more about this amazing art work.

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